Hello, everyone for the past two-three weeks I’ve been extremely busy with events! But I love it, although it does take the energy out of you. Its still worth it!

June 13th, I went to Chicken Daze. For those who don’t know what Chicken Daze is it’s a Fair with Chicken Races, and other fun activities for the whole family.

When I first got there I was helping out in the Children’s Tent.

Children's Tent

Children’s Tent

It was really fun, & the little kids were so cute. They asked a lot of questions like “Are you a princess?” or “Is your crown really heavy?” I helped out give tattoos to the kids. But after a few hours I met up with Pockets the Squirrel. He’s the Oakbank Credit Union mascot. I followed him around the fair for a bit until I had to go to the Children’s dance off. I had to lead the Chicken Dance… But I didn’t the moves to it. So I followed the kids instead.

I didn't know what I was doing!

I didn’t know what I was doing!

I thought to myself I should practice the dance before then I thought no I’ve known this dance since kindergarten… clearly I have forgotten the dance! When the chicken dance was over, the kids had a dance off. Each kid gets to lead their own dance while everyone else copies them & all the kids get a prize after. When all the kids finished dancing, the Chicken Wing eating contests were about to start! There was two heats of ten kids, each kid had to eat 10 Honey Garlic Chicken Wings. First heat was ages 7-11, & there was one girl in this heat, she was actually the only girl in the kids chicken wing eating contest. I told her to show them boys what girls are made of, and she smiled at me.

Heat One Ages 7-11(I Think)

Heat One Ages 7-11

Then the eating begun. I’ve never judged a chicken wing eating contest before but it was really easy. I just had wait to see who eats all the chicken wings. It was something new that I never would’ve expected to see myself judging but hey it was fun, & the crowd was roaring! When the first heat was done, the second heat came up. It was ages 12-15, It was quite entertaining to watch. But my only fear was one of the kids wouldn’t be able to keep it down.

Shortly after that was the adult chicken wing eating contest they had to eat 24 hot & spicy chicken wings. They ate it so fast too!

Adults Chicken Wing Eating Contest

The Heat didn’t seem to phase them whatsoever! They were talking & laughing while eating. It was a friendly competition. But the crowd was huge! Chanting for the winner! As the last few wings were being eaten.

I had an amazing day at Chicken Daze! I defiantly would go back again next year. It was such a great experience and good weather too! Until I was leaving, it started pouring! I had to run cause I didn’t want my sash & crown wet! But otherwise Chicken Daze was so much fun!

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