It was so weird waking up, I was so confused! My clock on my iPod hadn’t changed to it was an hour behind… That didn’t help me because I thought I took my pills for ADHD at 6:30am not thinking it would become a problem later that day…..  So today was photo & video shoot day! We went off & got our lovely breakfast! Then we go to hair & makeup!

 Hair & makeup was really fun. I don’t know why but I really love getting my hair & makeup done. It just feels great also was saying to myself “This is how Beyoncé lives her life”. From here I had to go & wait. For photo & video shoot, then I would go to get my interview done. Then I would be done with my day till supper. It was such a long wait.  

The dress above is my Photoshoot dress. It was 20$ from urban planet! GREAT DEAL EVERYONE! Everyone thought my dress was worth so much more! But it was actually 20$. I don’t care that my dress wasn’t Sherri hill or designer. It’s the way you feel in the dress, when you put it on that makes the dress just work for you. So when I was waiting for a few hours I started getting hyper. It’s probably about 12-1:30pm. And all I wanted to do was run because sitting wasn’t so fun.  

 But we made it work. A typical miss teenage Canada bathroom selfie (groupie)! We found a lot of things to keep us occupied. So after waiting a bit longer, Emily (Miss Teenage Kelowna 2015) & I were finally about to get out photos done!  

 She looked amazing in her dress so I had to take a picture! She’s so beautiful & she just rocked the dress. She wouldn’t fully smile tho which was funny & she said she calls it her pumpkin smile because of braces. But she has an amazing smile tho! Finally I got to get my photos done. I felt amazing. And once again I felt like Beyoncé with the wind blowing my hair.  

 One of my Miss Teenage Canada Offical Photoshoot photos! I love it. So from here I had to wait again for video shoot & at this point I’m getting really fidgety & I no longer wanna sit down or still.  


 I’m waiting with Hannah (Miss Teemage Halifax 2015) for about an hour. By the time I do my video shoot. My pills wore off… Which doesn’t help me. I was asked something like why would you be a good miss teenage Canada or why is there misconceptions about being miss Miss teenage Canada , I was trying to say something like it doesn’t a special somebody to become miss teenage Canada it can be anybody because I have ADHD so just because you have a disorder doesn’t mean you have a disadvantage. But I was having so much problems trying to say that. I started crying there was way to many things running through my mind I couldn’t concentrate. I wasn’t able to finish so I had to leave. 

Now it’s time for interview! I think I did great! It was pretty fun actually. We aren’t supposed to talk about interview tho. So I’ve forgotten about it.  

 This is my interview dress. It looks like a flight attendant outfit which I thought was pretty cool. When I was done I went back to my room & waited for supper.  

 K obviously when they took the photo I was on my phone! I was checking the photo we just took on my phone of all of us. But other wise day two was great!

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