Hi, this is all about me, Carrington. Also MISS TEEN EASTMAN.

I am sixteen years old. I am from Bèausejour Manitoba. I currently am in grade nine at Ècole Edward Schreyer School. I am a very athletic girl. I am on the school track team, & I love running, & I’ve placed 1st at many track events since grade six & since then I’ve always loved track. I really love Performing on stage for dance in my schools talent show… I’ve never took dance but I still love dancing. I’ve placed 4th in the high school talent show & 1st in the middle years talent show. I also volunteer at school events, & I tutor & babysit children with special needs, & I’ve learned to give insulin as well. But my number one passion & talent is boxing. I’m a proud member of the Eastman Boxing Club (Fight Team) since I was ten years old. I’m a Ringside World champion 2012 runner-up & a provincial walkover champion. I have twin brothers that also box & fight with me. We get to spar each other at boxing which is really funny because, Hey who doesn’t love punching their siblings in the face. But I’ve trained very hard & it took me two years of hard work before I won my 1st fight, but I never gave up! Here is one of my biggest struggles that I deal with everyday, & that is ADHD (I take pills everyday to help me cope better). But nobody really knows about it except family & a few close friends. But I am telling everyone this now. To show even with a struggle, or something you can do amazing things no matter what. But having ADHD made me get held back a year in grade four because I didn’t learn anything at all! Which made it very hard for me, cause I knew nothing. But I pushed through & never gave up. That’s why my platform is about never giving up. Because I didn’t give up then & I am not giving up now.

Written by: Carrington
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  1. Kiersten otto says:

    I’m so proud of you Carrington❤️

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