Lac Du Bonnet Canada Day Celebrations
    On July 4th, I went to Lac du Bonnet which is fairly close for me. I went there for the fireworks & I was there for about 3-4 hours before. It was very fun talking to people but then… It started pouring rain! It was very windy! Greg Short (lions foundation member) & I ran to his car Because it was raining cats & dogs! I’ve always wanted to use that line HaHa! But Greg had to run back out & check on things. While he was gone I was in the car, it then turned into a thunder & lighting storm. The lighting was so close & very loud! BANG! It was actually so loud the car shook! I was sad that the fireworks were canceled Because in my speech I wrote at the end Happy Fourth of July Everyone. But it was there Canada Celebrations. I thought it would’ve been really funny. 

   So the next morning I went back to Lac du Bonnet to be in the parade! I was so excited. Because I’ve never been in a parade. I got to ride in a convertible with my cousin Sage, my best friend Tristen & my mom in be front with the driver Arman. Thank you again Arman for letting us ride in your amazing convertible! It was so much fun to see familiar faces, & see the kids smile when they saw me as I threw candy at them. It was kinda spitting but after a bit it stopped. After the parade was over I went back home until later were I would collect money for the fireworks & say my speech. 


     Later that evening I went back to Lac du Bonnet where I met up with Tanner, Tanner’s mother & Layla. We where collecting donation money for the fireworks. It was really fun to be with Tanner & Layla! There both so funny & I had a blast with the two very beautiful girls! Also they are defiantly not afraid to be themselves. Which is so amazing & very important Because most people are scared to be who they really are!  


     Shortly after I was done collecting money I had to say a speech. My voice was very crackly & shaky Because I was freezing cold! My dress wasn’t very warm because it was it was a open mesh back! But otherwise it was good. But I also sang O Canada… I don’t usually sing in public or ever actually. That was my first time I ever sang in public! So I sang with a local girl Kadence & my cousin Sage. My voice had the worst but funniest voice cracks ever! It was seriously so hard not to laugh Because my voice crack! While I was singing the whole entire crowd yelled “TRUE NORTH” & I ended up laughing & having another voice crack! After that the fireworks had started! It was phenomenal! I love the Lac Du Bonnet fireworks! They are always the best that I’ve seen! And I just want to say thank you so much to the Lac Du Bonnet Lions Club for having me out! I’ll post my full speech & the video of me singing O Canada on YouTube later. 

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