So at 5:10 am on August 2nd I took off with Miss Teenage Northern Manitoba! But before all that at 1:00am I had to get ready & leave to get to the airport! It was so hard to get to sleep. I maybe slept 10 minutes. Then next thing you know it’s 1:00 am. I was beyond excited to see Gabby (Miss Teenage Northern Manitoba!) We both had economy tickets but weren’t sitting together then I had asked if I could sit beside her, & the lady bumped the both of us to 1st class! It was so nice of her & if she ever reads this thank you soooo much! The flight was wonderful & it was so very nice of you to do that for us!   

The Flight
So on our flight we were so excited. I just wanted to sleep but I was full of excitement! But Gabby fell asleep… On my shoulder! It was so funny & I wanted to take a Picture of her sleeping but I put my phone in my purse under the seat. So I couldn’t move Because I didn’t wanna wake her up. I tried to sleep & I rested my head on Gabby’s but I just was beyond excited! So when we landed we grabbed out carry ons & got off… Only thing is we didn’t had no clue where to pick up our luggage. We walked the wrong way at first & then we found out. It took us twenty minutes to get to the luggage Because I was walking slow in heels, my carry on weighed a lot & I complained so much. When we got to the luggage pick up we met Mark & Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2015. From there we picked up Miss Teenage Halifax, Miss Teenage Dartmouth & Miss Teenage Nova Scotia. 

I was so excited to meet Miss Teenage Halifax. Because we have been texting, snapchatting & talking on FaceTime. We called eachother pageant twin. As soon as I saw her I was thinking ” oh my gosh this is actually happening she’s here in person & not on a tiny little screen ” 


We all went back to the hotel & meet the Three girls from BC. We were in that room all day long. Which was nice Because we got to meet everyone as they arrived. Since we were the Second ones there. 
Later that day at the Welcome Party I met my new best friend Miss Teenage Kelowna Emily, she is the sweetest & funniest & such a gorgeous girl. I am so happy I became friends with her. The party was so much fun. I loved it. 

 Me & Emily. 

Especially the cake.. I had two pieces… I love cake.  

 This was great cake To Be Honest 

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