My BBQ Fundraiser!
  So on June 27th, I had my fundraiser at the local Co-op grocery store. All food was donated by co-op & thank you so much for that! My family came & helped out. 
  So who all helped out in my family? Well my two younger Brothers Justy & Jared they didn’t really help but they wore crowns I bought at the dollar store so they kinda helped by doing that. My mom helped by organizing it all. My dad & uncle Russ were cooking all the food. My cousin Sage was taking people’s orders. My Grammy (Grandma) was dealing with the money for the food it was 3$ for drink & sausage on a bun. My Grampy (grandpa) was dealing with the Donations for Free the Children, the 50/50 raffle tickets & personal donations towards the pageant entry fee. & Also my friend Sammi came & helped out all day. So thanks to my family for coming out & helping out. 
So my BBQ went really well. But the weather was ok. It was raining a lot & pouring really hard! Also there was thunder & lighting! But there is no stopping the Harborne family! It was a very successful day! 

Written by: Carrington
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