Day at the Red River Ex!

On June 20th, I was at the Red River Exhibition with Miss Teenage Manitoba ! Our jobs were to hand out maps. But before we did anything we read on the map that Shawn Desman was going to be there later that day! Which was really cool because he’s famous. Then we started our day by walking through the lines of people waiting & handed out some maps.

Before our day started

Before our day started

Shortly after that, before the gates were open to the public. Devon & I got to stand behind the gates. To get ready for when they were opened at 12 to the public. I never done anything like that before in my life! There was tons of people coming in right at 12, it was really fun! Minus the sun burning down on us. After we ran out of maps we thought we were done. But we had more stacks of maps.  We handed out those maps like it was Christmas. I started saying “get your free maps”, we tried to make up a rap about maps… but it didn’t turn out too well! I was convincing people to take the maps, by saying “Hey you look like you need a map, here’s a free map.” Or “Get your free maps, we are preventing you from getting lost since 12pm!” Then by around 2:00pm we finished handing out all the maps! We were done for the day!

We wanted a picture with spiderman!

We wanted a picture with spiderman!

Fun Fact – The Red River Ex set a one-day attendance record on Saturday June 20th with 53,266 people!

When we finished we walked around the park & we decided to go on one ride. The Mega Drop! It was Devon’s choice. I literally can go on any ride but that ride, it scares me! But I went on it anyways. I was so scared, I was screaming so much before it even dropped because the ride seemed to stop at the top longer than usual! I was yelling Devon hold my hand! I’m going to pee! THIS IS TOO SCARY! Then it finally dropped! Oh my gosh I was so happy to finally get that over with!

Shawn Desman Concert

I really wanted to see Shawn Desman play. So I stuck around & I walked around the park with Callen (very close family friend), I brought her along because she never been to the Ex. Then later I saw another friend Kyle, he stuck around with Callen & I. Till my mom & Jared (my brother) came back to watch Shawn Desman & special guest Andee. We had to look for them because my phone ended up dying. We eventually found them, & walked over to the stage. By 8pm the stage was packed! They put on amazing show! It was actually my first time seeing a famous singers play, & Shawn Desman played a new song that hasn’t been released yet & it was amazing.

After the Concert!  (Jared, Callen, Me & Kyle)

After the Concert!
(Jared, Callen, Me & Kyle)

I had such an amazing time at the Red River Ex! I got to meet tons of people when I was walking all through the park. I will never get tired of little kids asking me if I’m a princess or saying the cutest little things!

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