Canada is great because its a multicultural country. We have people with different backgrounds of all sorts, & Canada is proud to be multicultural. Another great thing about Canada is amount of natural resources & nature Canada has. From the East Coast to the West Coast & the Territories, Canada is beautiful! Even tho we have super cold winters theres a good side to having it because of snow days! Who doesn’t love when school is cancelled? It’s pretty good day when it’s too cold to go to school. But my favorite thing about Canada is when someone is singing O Canada & everyone yells “TRUE NORTH!” It just lightens your day becauses if its at a hockey game, school assemebly, or anywhere when someone is singing O Canada. You always are gonna hear people yelling TRUE NORTH! Fun Fact: on July 5th I sang O Canada at the Lac Du Bonnet fireworks & everyone yelled TRUE NORTH! I ended up having the worst voice crack cause I was trying not to laugh at the crowd, &  I’ve never ever sang in public before until that day. But hey I’m proud to be Canadian.


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